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    :: basics ::
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    birthday: 7-11
    location: rh, ca
    school: csuf

    :: interests ::
    kids wb: jca, yugioh
    manga: chobits, angelic layer, power!
    last anime: hellsing
    last cosplay: rika (mm)
    next cosplay: chii or jade (buttercup scout) ^.^

    hobbies: wushu, cosplay, tkd, aerobics, exercise!
    learning: ballet
    wants to learn: salsa
    fav beijing wushu team: he jing de

    :: i like... ::
    male: donnie yen
    female: utada hikaru, rika ishikawa
    music: momosu
    current song in head: chu! natsu party! (sannin matsuri)
    obsessing over: momosu! (except danielle ^.^)
    song quote: "sho! sho! sho sho party party!"

    :: other bloggers/journals ::
    Rey Rey
    Rey Rey and Jean

    ... if i've missed you... i'm not sure if you want your live plugged here! ^^; so don't think i don't love you!

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Tuesday, July 09, 2002
wai wai! super successful mission at AX this year! mini moni yay yay!

Okie... now time for kimi's re-cap =D

Wednesday Night... July 3rd

got off of work at 8:30p like usual... so tired!!! worked on costumes for about half an hour until annie came! yay Annie!!! and *_* she does have perfect dancer legs... hee heee... okie! so we drive over to LB Westin to do early registration, so that on friday we wouldn't have to waste time picking up badges... luckily there was no traffic on the way there... and we were in and out of the westing in less than 20 minutes! =D arrived back at my house... and cosplay work happened all night >_< helped Annie w/ Hitomi's scarf and i worked on Kago's shorts... painting Kago's flower prints for the skirt, then Sora... O_O yep... no sleep the entire night! and it was non-stop working. we watched "Wing Chun" (one of my fave movies) while working too! so it wasn't too bad... just super tiring >_<

Thursday Morning... July 4th

yep... still awake!!! Dad woke up at 6a to go play tennis with his friends... called Annie and me crazy for staying up the entire night to sew... so i called him crazy for waking up at 6a to play tennis hee hee... then Mom woke up up at 7a w/my grandma... then Bro woke up... and started to baabekyuu! O_O at 7:30a!!! crazy! kept working... then Annie went to rest her eyes... and fell asleep! i kept working for another half hour... then decided that i should take a nap. Annie woke me up around 11a, >_< i couldn't move... but i finally got up and finished throwing everything in plastic bags... and then we threw everything into Annie's car O_O so much stuff! and left my house. we stopped by a Target to get Annie some film... and i bought my cute new Advantex camera w/film! it's the cutest thing ^__^ wai wai! I finally have a camera!

then Annie got a call from Henry telling us he was at LAX and wondering where we were... <_< we didn't even know what time he was suppoed to be there! we we go back to my house to get directions to LAX and to decided that... i would drive ahead to AX and drop off all our stuff and check-in... and Annie would go to LAX to pick up Henry. Then we'd meet back at my house to drive to AX together... so we loaded all the stuff into my car @_@ and Annie left for LAX. then my mom had a brilliant idea of having Annie pick up Henry... and Bro would drop me off at AX so that Annie would just drive from LAX straight to AX. *nods* so since i was home again, my dad saw me and asked why i didn't leave and my mom told him the situation, and he made me eat some bbq before i could leave. then finally... bro and i left for AX!

so... Bro is driving me to AX... but i need to make a quick stop at Joannes. i buy the tassels and an extra 5 yds of trim (i already bought 5 yds for her earlier) for Sora, bracelet beads, plastic bands and Heat n Bond for Kago's skirt prints. so then bro and i get in the car and head over to AX!

Wayne-sama calls and tells me to buy food! luckily i already have water... but no food! so bro and i stop by the nearest Ranch 99 to get foodies supplies *_* and a good thing i did too! we ate them the entire weekend =D and i got nice healthy food too! 6 bananas, shredded squid, 2 boxes of pocky, banana chips, strawberry wafers, and a 6 pack of chrysanthm tea drinks. i also originally had the 6 bottles of water! so luckily, our room was set for snacking needs =D bro and i then headed over immedietly to the Long Beach!

it's probably somewhere around 2p... and i do our room check-in... it was a choice between a non-smoking one king sized bedroom... or smoking 2 queen-sized bedroom... since there were 3 of us... we got the smoking room... and icky, it was pretty icky, but the two beds were totally worth it!

so we get a porter to help load all the stuff from my car onto the cart and i walk up to the room w/him. very lucky since we got to take the special elevator and didn't have to wait! wai! hee hee... and from here on... is when i stay in my room the entire expo ^^;;;

first thing we do is organize and put all our things away! hee hee... i had so much stuff due to sora and kago, that i took up 2 full drawers! annie and wayne each had one ^_^;;; and stuffed all the food into the drawer with the phone book! hee hee... then, it was work work work from there! ... ( well maybe besides me making some semi-mean cracks at henry ^^;;; gomen gomen! i was so delirious by then i was mean! )... i don't even know how the time flew... but i know that i was sewing and painting things for Kago-chan! i made Kago's bracelets... painted one, and beaded the other two. i also painted the flower prints that i wanted for Wayne's Tsunku shorts! then... karaoke contest came! Morning Coffee! off to the Renaissance hotel to go compete! while waiting we practice Chu! Natsu Party choreography! Doug (Wushu Team) saw me and said hi... of course him and his friend both asked if we were singing a song from Love Hina LOL!!!

O_O at the feedback we were getting for MC >_< i was really worried about it affecting the judges scores for us... then we went to eat at Rock Bottom across the street! we even got seats as soon as we got there since everyone wanted to sit outside to see fireworks! lucky! Pasuta! gah i love pasta!!! Wayne and I split a fetticini alfredo... phew! so much garlic! but so yummy! *_* then back off to the room to change into normal clothes... then go to Tiff's room at the Westin to practice and sing CNP!

the best thing was... in the elevator to Tiff's room... Tiff was holding this huge box... and saying how she was such a "wide load" and when exiting the elevator... this guy told us "Congradulations!" of course we were all thinking... o.O ( congrats on tiff being a wide load? ) so Tiff asked "what for?" and then he told us that we made it into Semi-Finals for karaoke contest!!! happy!!! that meant that we really needed to practice Chu! which we did! when we got there, Ashley was pinning gold trim onto Allie and we sang and danced! lots of practicing! finally... around midnight... Kie and i wanted to head back to the Hyatt... <_< but where was Henry?

we checked Henry's room across from Tiff's... and i just saw CJ in the bed sleeping... then it was really scary because his eyes popped open! and Henry wasn't there =( so Kie and i walked back to the Hyatt together singing loudly The Peace, Chu! Natsu Party, and Morning Coffee! so much fun! hee hee... i bet everyone was looking at us, but it was really fun singing ^.^

then back to my room to take a shower, heat n bond the flowers onto the front panel, then sew the tubing into Kago-chan's skirt. then... sleep sometime really really late @_@

Friday... July 5th

weeeeee! i woke up i forgot... and basically worked finishing sewing the tubing into Kago-chan's skirt! Henry was king enough to buy Annie and me sandwiches *_* then it was back and forth to Kie's room. first to paint the 333's on my shorts! after that was going back to the room to get Wayne's Tsunku shirt to paint the 333's and the male symbol on his tank top =D i just know i was so disoriented by then from lack of sleep and nutrition that i got on the elevator from the 5th floor to go to the 3rd floor and hit the 5 button and stood there. then people were like "Um... we're on the 5th floor" O_O so i totally got embarassed and got out of the elevator and hit the down button! ^_^;;; gah!

when i was all done with the painting, i made it back to my room to blow-dry the 333's dry, then ironed them to make it flat =D ^_^;;; little did i know that they weren't totally dry... and i got the male symbol ironed onto the iron board <_< hehehehehehe

i finished heat-n-bonding the flowers onto Wayne's Tsunku shorts... so wai! Wayne's costume was 100% complete! now if only Kago's skirt was so simply ^_^;;; from then on, it was all of Kago's ruffles that had to be finished O_O gaaaaah... those took forever... i am so happy that Annie was there to help me. Wayne started gathering the ruffles, but then had to leave... but Annie helped me sew on half of Kago's ruffles onto the skirt while i was making them!!! *_* after handsewing like a mad-woman 5 ruffles onto the skirt... it was 5:40p about, so i had to start getting ready for the karaoke contest!!! i started changing into Ai and did make-up... while Annie finished handsewing the rest of the ruffles onto my skirt... then finally *_* it was finished. i got into full Kago gear and left with Annie to find out where the karaoke contest was!

yay! i found Tiff and she was so cute! she did stop by earlier as Rika, but that's when i wasn't nearly finished! ^^;;; so we took a few pictures outside, then hurried over to the convention center to meet with Wayne and then Kie and helped Kie stick the flowers onto her skirt. then we took mucho pictures! so cute!!! hee hee... we took lots of piccies =D and then we finally got to perform CNP!!! it was so fun! the only problem was that the stage wasn't very secure, so whenever we jumped, the mics would move and create an echo noise, so we didn't jump very much ^_^; But all in all, the performance went really well! i had to keep grabbing the microphone to sing into it, but i heard that was alright because then you could hear me better whenever i did so... phew! good good! yay!

right after our performance, we left for the Hyatt to change into Peace costumes... i went with Tiff to the Westin so she could pick up something for Kaori, but it wasn't there O_O so we headed back to the Hyatt to change. and one of the valet guys talked to us =D he asked us about the "concert" (meaning masquerade) that was going on Saturday, and then told us that he was taking his kids there tomorrow =D hee hee. finally made it to the Hyatt to change. then got a call from Wayne, telling us we made it to finals and that we needed to get back there now. so we called Kie and told her we needed to leave. O_O as soon as we got there... we looked over the lyrics once... and had to go on! >_< we all know the entire song really well... i know all the lyrics... but the dividing thing <_<... i've never heard the full karaoke version O_O and doing the dance with a corded-microphone is very difficult. it's ok though... all we wanted to do was perform Chu! and luckily... we got 3rd place group!!! super cool =D then it was off back to the hotel... to change into normal clothes... and work on Sora for me ^_^;;;

now that Kago was finished... just Sora... and O_O at me working the entire night... i finally fell asleep on the floor at about 6:30a... woke up... realized i needed to work like a mad-woman! which i did... until i was yawning so much that i couldn't see past all the tears that kept coming... so i crawled into bed with Matto-kun to sleep another half-hour... then it was back to waking up, panicking about my costume, and working on cutting out pieces for Sora... then fell asleep with pins in my hand on the floor into a little ball. ^_^; Annie said she woke up and saw me on the floor in a little ball ^^;;; then i woke up again... and sewed like a mad-woman!!!

Saturday... July 6th

yep... so here i am... still sewing. still pinning. gah how pinning takes forever -_-;;; then i realized. OMG i ran out of gold trim. i had 10 yds gold trim. eeeeeeek. i only needed to put about another yard on too. that and some touch-ups and i'd be finished! anyways, we went to craftsmanship judging. i looked horrible... wearing my glasses, retainers, boogie pop shirt... hee hee but it was time to go! annie and i waited for Kie and Lily, but decided to head over so we wouldn't miss it... and luckily got there on time.

i was shoooooooooooe tired i was falling asreep on the floor!!! z___Z yep! in the judging room!!! i just remembered as soon as it was my turn to "show-off" my bag full of costume... i just pulled out the bow first! then i pulled out the rest of the obi... then the purple layer... then the red layer... then i was about to unfold and show off the creme layer when they said it was alright since i had like a million yrds of fabric laying out in front of them ^^;;; hee hee... i just know that they had "lots of applique" written down! ^^;;; if that's the word! i'm really bad w/ sewing terms! i just make stuff =D

ou... now it was 2:10p... and we headed over to the mandatory masq meeting! hee hee... when they called "AGSMA" we all stood up and saluted "AIIIIIIN!" hee hee... blanked out when they were calling numbers... but we were gorup 51!!! of course totally offended since they said they put the "hot" groups in the front... hey! we have Kelly in our group! and Kelly's hot!!! Rey Rey can vouch for that!

after that was back to the room... and researched and called the nearest Joannes... and found out... booooooo!!! it closed down... the closest one was like 15 minutes away!!! so we drove there... stopped by a Ralph's to get aspirin, various supplies, and cough drops for Matto... then stopped by In n Out... yummy... we munched on fries on our way back!

finally returned back... annie dropped me off so i could shower... and do my touch ups... while she parked... and i finished my 7 min shower before she got back to the room O_O i even started on my touch ups! then i got semi-ready... i looked really funny... wearing nylons, CNP 333's shorts, bikini top, and red kimoni robe on top... oh! w/ my 6" glitter shoes! ^^;;; hehehehee... plus i was wearing my wig so i wouldn't forget it, and carrying a huge bag of fabric!

we made it to the dressing rooms... and since we were group 51... i decided to take my time getting ready, and finish touch ups. then when i was all finished... i tied myself into my costume... all of the cords hold it together... finished my make up, put on the wig, attached the ears... then attempted to glue on the fake nails... hee hee... then i was all put together in my immobile glory! XD i looked scary!!! sooooo doll-like! everyone was already rehearsing... Wayne, Kelly, Annie, Henry, Matto, Kie, and Lily... yay! but luckily my part was easy! stand there and sing! ouuu and look =_= the entire time! which was easy with my freaky make up!

i'm so glad matto was in our group =D we had lots of mullet jokes! ^^;;; hehehehehehehe and he attached my ear crooked at one point... so we said Folken was with Sora because he had a mullet and she had a crooked ear! ee heee... but besides that!!!

^^; our skit was soooo sad! hee hee, even tiff said she was going to cry when she was watching us rehearse! and that was before i was rehearsing! i thought it looked even sadded w/me in it, since i was grieving over Folken's dead body! super sad skit!

we waited for our turn to line up, then watched the skits... finally, we went up... and a few things were off... the worse was just the beginning... right before they told us to go up, the guy told us our cue a 2nd time... "they'll start the music when you two (points to neko twins) stand up"... the announcer didn't even announce our skit O_O just started the music while all 3 of us were still kneeling... (was fixing her obi) @__@ that threw us off a bit... but luckily were able to pick up! after our skit, we left stage and went out to get our belongings downstairs and came back up to take a few pictures! then 20 minutes O_O judging was finished! i know! super fast judging! and surprisingly and happily... AGSMA got a Judge's Award!

we attempted to have a giant ACP picture on stage, but they were kicking us out of the theatre... shoe we all had to leave. we took some pictures outside... lots of pictures outside! @__@ at flashes... lots of pictures!

hee hee a fun part was when Lily, Kie, and I were being "interviewed" on how awesome our costumes were and how they must have taken forever ^^;;; hee hee... the best part was when i hit my ear and it came off! ^^;;; my right one wasn't attached too well... hee hee... but that was over and done... we made our way back to the hotel, and i changed out of Sora... i wanted to take more pictures, but my obi was falling and i needed to re-tie the entire thing... but i was so tired by then i just wanted to crash...

i did go downstairs w/Wayne and the twins to take pictures of casual Dilandu and of Eriya and Naria! and O_O since this was the first time i was downstairs at the con... i saw Maryanne and Ken! and i saw Kira! and i ran into Fiona! hee hee wow! i was so excited! i was prisoned up in my room the entire con i never got to socialize! but yay! i did that night! super happy!

then i blank out... i can't remember! i remember saying Kira's shirt looked like braille... ouuu... and i ran after Jean... talked to her for a little bit, went back to the room... got visited by Rey and Jean... took care of Rey... drunk! bad bad! we let him sleep a bit in our room, and when he woke Wayne and I escorted him to Dean's room to sleep there!

then back to the room... and some reason i remember falling asleep then... and didn't remember anything else... z____Z

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Monday, July 01, 2002

O_O AX this thursday... 3 nights to work!

*looks at piles of fabric not yet costumes* >_>

ehee hee hee XD
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Monday, June 24, 2002

i'm not dead! just took forever to write the post underneath! plus AX is just next week!

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! i have so much to do! look for me there!
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Tuesday, June 11, 2002

anyone ever notice how evil "days go by" is? yep... the song by dirty vegas! great song... i love this song... but... o_o the lyrics are very evil... "days go by and still i think of you..."

okie! but i should get down to my RECCA-con log yes? ^^ okie!!! *points down* warning! long long LONG entry ^^;;;

Friday! i wake up at like at 9:30a... and finished packing a few things... like toiletries... and so... i did that... then ate a little breakfast! waited for annie to come over since we planned to ride to ONT together! annie arrived... *shakes a fist at evil traffic* and we left to ONT! which we made right on time... and ??they confiscated stuff from me... AGAIN! evil airports! i had my swiss victorian card... you know... so that i always have my mini 3" scissors w/ me... and they took the scissors, and the letter opener. they were looking at me as though i was going to bomb the whole airport. and the guy kept saying "we can't allow you to bring on the scissors or the KNIFE on the airplane. you'd have to check it in with your bag."

they wanted to confiscate the entire card... since the whole thing was such a dangerous object! so funny since i actually bought it ON AN AIRPLANE when i was flying to italy back in 99... ha ha! stupid airports. i'm being evil and sort of hoping that someone just walks in with a chainsaw... ??and says they're a hairdresser or something! grrr... 2nd pair of scissors lost to them. whorebags. i couldn't cut my thread or ribbon on the plane... so no handsewing for me! booooo. plus the lady who's at the place to give you your boarding number was a total whore to annie. we should have gotten her name and reported her as being a rude bitch. because she was. anyways, ONT airport sucks ass! so no one fly there! sure... shorter lines, but mean people as opposed to other airports i've been in.

oh. plus at ONT... they said they were "on time" but i guess "on time" to them means boarding people on your flight when the flight is supposed to leave. we had a 20 minute delay because of that.

arrive at OAK airport... and search for gary... call him up... and annie says, "does that girl look familiar to you?" me, "i don't know... but she shouldn't be wearing that outfit." LOL anyways... then we recognized her to be that Doritos girl! lol at all the security guards checking her out! gary finally picks us up! *huggies gari-ojisan* so nice of him to pick us up! then he takes us to the Stoneridge mall... omg... that heavenly-evil mall!!! we ate lunch with gary... who was so sweet to pay for lunch *hugs again*... and then leaves to go to work for 2 hours. two girls. two hours in a mall. i need to buy my nacchi earring and ring... so we look at a map.

"omg they have a sephora."

... again, i repeat the following: two girls. two hours in a mall. there is a sephora nearby.

ha ha ha! we ended spending 45 minutes in there! and it would have been more if we didn't remember having to buy my nacchi earring! back to sephora though... annie got this sweet sweet brush set! and they had a wall with 50% off sephora make up stuff ;_; i ended in buying _only_ a wide-tooth comb... since they didn't have foundation in my color! ;___; it would have been only $11... grrr... and they had this hair clip that was $12... but would have went perfectly with morning coffee outfits! *dies* but $12! i'm not rich ^^; anyways! so we leave sephora... and visit all the wonderful stores on the way... Hollister, Banana Republic, Macy's, Nordstrom's, Victoria's Secret, Forever 21, WaldenBooks, Steve Madden's... finally made it to claire's accessories... and was reminded not to ever have more than one daughter. ew. pre-teen girls in an accessory store. bought nylons at nordstroms! and o_o at their purses. and O_O at annie wanting to buy that $100+ purse! hee hee... finally met up with gary! but stopped by the See's Candies so i could get my dose of sugar ^^ *pouts* gary was joking with this couple about how i'm a sugar crazy person ^_^;;; soooooooo we head over to pittsburg, cali! to visit the college since we don't know where the ramada in is at ^^;;;

go to the college... and =O my phone rings. wow. it's mike. very surprised he called me. we talk for a bit... then gary finds someone to take us to the ramada! so annie and i go to the ramada and rest! we get get comfy and unpack and chillax for the time being. i get scissors from the front desk to finish something on jade pjs... grr though since scissors totally suck! they didn't even cut through thread o_o. gary goes to the college... and then tiff comes! yay! then kie comes! double yay! then jon, wayne, wayne, and bran come! yay yay! gary shows up again and we eat dinner actually... we ate at lyons... and my meal was yummy... i had chicken fajitas... i thought that it had 3 tortillas... but o_o only gave me two... was still yummy and got me nice and full. annie's food looked really good... and >_< cause tiff's and wayne-sama's dinners were bleh O_O get back to room... ramada 214 and rehearse singing... hee hee lots of momosu... and yay to dancing! kie is super cool cause she knows lots of dances! all is yay! we sleep not too late... don't remember actually, but i shower and put on jade pjs and we sleep!

saturday! wow! all that text above just for friday! so we wake up saturday morning around 9:30a... i run to get everyone breakfast =D cereal, waffles, juice, milk, and other random things... i don't remember! but make it back to the room... take piccies in jade PJs hee hee... then i put on shoes and go jogging with wayne to joannes! wayne-sama's card only had $0.13 on it! LOL! i bought my glue gun and sticks... yay only $2.75 ^.^ and get back to the room... to find that yugioh is a repeat. oh well. it's ok. soooo wayne changes into squall... and i change into chii! yay at my new wig! LOL because it look totally long on me since i am shoe short! ^.^ it was a bit hot since it's black stretch vinyl... but luckily the college is very shaded! we arrive around 12:45p... and o__o at me holding a cosplay panel at 12:00p with rey rey! o___o rey rey for cosplay panel? and at 12p? it would have been nice to know... but no biggie! we walk around and waiii! we got to see cute sara in her cute hikaru costume! she showed us her Mini Moni camera/compact/phone set! soooo cute!!! i can't wait to see her Mini Moni group! it will be so cute!

ah! back to the convention... hmmm so we walked around... gah this is long... O_O i found they had para para there... we wayne-sama and i were led by j_kub to go visit the game room... and >_o it smelled bad ^_^; no ventilation... but i really wanted to play... so i finally did... i haven't played in forever... and yuck! it wasn't an arcade machine... i'm spoiled and all... so i was hitting the censors wrong... blah... so i left and couldn't find wayne... but i had to get out of there... then wandered around asking where wayne was... and visited the dealer's room! ^_^;;; they let me in even though i didn't have my badge with me... wayne was wearing it ^^;;; but i guess since i was in Chii, they let me in. there wasn't much for me to be interested... BUT! the best booth was the video/dvd booth! *_* of course all my attention was drawn to the giant stack of DVDs all starring or co-starring Donnie Yen! gah he is sooo hot *_* i wish i could marry that man! *swoons*

*revives* but i refrained from purchasing anything at the moment and proceded to exit and walk around... finally found wayne! yay! then we walked around... found everyone else in a *gasp* cosplay/masquerade panel held by brian! it was a nice panel... heh heh... ^^; so glad he didn't use our angelic layer skit as an example... but he used dewprism and sara's angelic layer skits as good exmaples! yay! =p to lionel passing me notes! LOL then we realized it was about 3p... and we had to leave back to the room for rehearsal! ^_^

so back to the room we went... and all changed into morning coffee gear! we rehearsed a lot... and left back for the con.. ^^; we were a little late... should have been there at 4p... but arrived at about 4:15p... and saw the masq people lined up... no idea why... but we waited there... then found out we were supposed to return at 7:30p... we saw the inside... they let us practice on the equipment! yay! they used us to test it also... but we got live practice! yay! that was super nice and the best thing ever! they even marked off where we should stand! then told what time to return... we left to go take pictures!

and take pictures we did... O_O we took so many pictures! we took like a million pictures! most can be seen at USA Musume HP and under Al's RECCA-con report at cosplay.com! we took pictures all around the college campus... which just happened to be perfect that it was in a college since we looked like a bunch of school girls! ^.^

here is one USA Musume photo! courtesy of the wonderful Al! He has the coolest printer and camera! He printed out us photos at the con! ^_^ i can't wait to see all of his pictures!

^^; also reminds me that i really really need to get myself a camera... any camera... well any decent camera!

okie... so we finished taking pictures... went back to the masq are... and i got more food <_< cause i was super hungry... shoooe... then we waited for masq to start! and... then it started... and wayne was so awesome when he introduced us! "where did he get that coffee mug?" LOL and yay because we sounded good! the equipment was so wonderful! and the masq was short and sweet! and the crowd was very supporting. so the masq ends... then we walk around... get interviewed by the people with the video camera... and talk to people... it was really funny! some people asked me if we had a CD out ^^; so flattering! we took the O-HA pic! *laughs* and more school classroom pics! then we ran off to eat... cause we were super hungry!

yay to Applebee's! yummy food *_* Otome Pasuta ni Kando! that was sure some yummy pasta! plus we go to watch our performance on al's camera! super cool! happy because we sounded good! like the CD! ^^ happy happy! much better than fanime mics! yay yay! so we eat... ah... so satisfied... then i have a yummy apple dessert *__* so yummy! then off back to the room!

everyone showered and slept... bran crashed in our room since gary didn't need to rent a room again ^_^; watched some things on the computer... chobits episode 7! yay yay! but then O_O i got this giant allergy attack... and got congested like crazy... *talks nasal*... so annie and i switched beds with tiff and wayne... so i would be closer to free moving air ^^ took some dramamine... just so that i'd get sleepy... and finally... silence *_*

sunday!!! gah saturday was so long wasn't it? we did quite a bit for it only being a 2 day con! wake up... and tiff and i go to get food for everyone. it was around 10:10a or something... and bah... this lady gave us attitude... i wasn't sure if breakfast ended 10a or 10:30a... and instead of being nice and offering us the leftover food she acts all uppity... baaah... boo to her! so we go back to the room with food... eat... finish packing... call for late check out! the guys all leave to head back o so cal... and then yay! go swimming! tiff and i though, annie didn't have swim suit... and O_____O cold water! hee hee! we jumped in at first... cause it was so cold! we stayed in for maybe half an hour... but O_O got super tanned... even annie got a tan and she was sitting under the umbrella!

back to the room to shower and examine our tans ^^; hee hee then changed... and i turned into comfy nerdy yukino and tiff into the peace! kaori! annie stays annie and we check out via TV... and head to the con! gah this is so long! i simplify now... no more details!

back to con! eat! meet with Kie! take piccies near lake! dealer's room! buy DVDs... Ballistic Kiss, and Fists of Legend *_* yum! see little sara and her mom and find out they're showing Angelic Layer! watch the first 5-10 min of Angelic Layer ;_; but the con was closing!!!! so we had to leave! we meet with gary again and tiff leaves... and we stand outside kie and gary's cars... forever talking about momosu... then decide to eat! Marie Callenders near Kie's house! baaaaaad service!!!

then off to Kie's house to originally watch the Momosu musical... but we ended watching great music videos! Dream! Da Pump! Momosu *__* at Mr. Moonlight! hitomi... waaaaaaah! *__* i swoon! we then head back to gary's house! ;__; scary stories!

arrive at gary's house! change into sleeping clothes! play a little on gary's comp! hee hee... then finally sleep *_*

wake up next morning... shower! change! eat some pie! and head over to OAK airport! and make it just in time o_o

back home in so cal! yay! eat lunch with annie at thai specialty 2... don't know where 1 is... then off to work!

and soooooo was my trip ^^; long, ne?

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Monday, June 10, 2002

lionel is the best! have i said that before? he made the best little animated gif in the world... which i saved and uploaded! ^.^


hehehehe... well we were totally obsessed with saying "O-HA!" the entire con... and got it in my crazy little head to go "hey! let's make an animated gif! it'd be so cool!" XD it is!!! *flails arms*

and i will write my RECCA-con report tomorrow! hopefully after i come back from bringing my car to the shop... well... i will see! it was a blast though! everyone was so wonderful at the con! usa musume rules! i can't wait to see pics!!! i will make shout-outs tomorrow ^.^

okie... kimi tired now! sreep time soon ^^
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Thursday, June 06, 2002


waaaaaaaaaaai! up to norcal tomorrow! ^.^ be back in socal monday morning!

i will be arriving at 12:30p in OAK with annie! =D

random thought... (hee hee... you know... every time my bro hears me talk about annie he thinks of "ani/anakin" >_> heheheheh)

okie! and for those who wanna say hi... i'll be staying at the Ramada Inn w/annie, wayne, wayne, and tiff... shooooe... you can always try calling any of us on our cell phones ^^

shooooe... if you know the number, you've got the hook-up =D

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i need gary oji-chan's number! ^^; meiru me with it? mini_kimi@yahoo.com

hee hee okie =D
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